The beginning is also the end.

The Kill Order - James Dashner

That book was pretty good, but the end was awesome! It really suprised me, but I was so sad about what happened to the characters at the end... I'm talking about Alec, Mark and Trina, I cried so much when I read the last line even if the way they died was perfect. Just because we knew that had the flare, so they must die, I think the author let them behind a pretty beautiful (and sad) way. Another thing I liked is that before reading that book, the truth is that I hated Teresa. But after I read the story, it makes me understand so much things, and she wasn't so bad, at the end. Well, I loved it at all, but the only thing I was really sad about is that they didn't talk much about Newt, Minho and the other. I thought we would see them kids, before the maze, and we would understood their story when they met Thomas. It would've been so great! And what about W.I.C.K.E.D. I'm still not sure what to think about them. But because of Newt's dead (I'm still very, VERY sad about it), I hate them. So if you've read the Maze Runner books (1,2,3) you must read The Kill Order!