Review of SG Suicide Game

SG - Suicide Game - Haidji

Suicide Game is a book about, well, literally a game about suicide. The concept similar to the Hunger Games, a show broadcasted on televison where the participants jump off a platform without knowing if they will survive. There is only one 'winner'. The story follows some of the participants of the game as well as some employees.


What I found very interesting about this book is that the people who were part of the games were volunteers, and they knew very well that they had almost no chance to survive when they decided to participate. Throughout the story we learn why they made this choice and understand them a little better, although there's still some of them which I felt no sympathy for. The context of these 'games' and how they got created was also unclear, but overall I liked the general idea of the book. It shows a portrait of a very sadistic society, in which people appears to become distant towards each other. The public do not see the participants as indiviual or even human beings anymore, but more as robots. As the title says, they see this whole thing as a 'game' of fate, or destiny, which it is most definitely not. Fortunatly, as the story evolves and toward the end of the book, we see that most people start to change their mind and feel sadness towards the people risking their lives, as well as the hostess who's view of them is very different from the beginning. The scariest thing about this is that when you think long enough about it, if this game was real, there would probably be desperate people willing to jump and even some who woult agree to it.


In general, I think the book was great, especially thanks to the facts that it adresses many issues of today's world through a dystopian universe. Despite, in my opinion, the lack of dialogue and sometimes character development, I'm grateful that I got to read this book and would defenitly recommend it!